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The Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of York County

Elected Officers

  • Chair - Chad Baker
  • Vice Chair - Shanna Danielson
  • Secretary - Lisa Kennedy
  • Treasurer - A. McMillan

State Committee Members

  • Salome Johnson
  • Blade Kline
  • Kathleen Lucas
  • Brian Stetler
  • Ryan Supler
  • Sandra Thompson

Standing Committee Members

  • Communications/Marketing Chair - VACANT
  • Finance & Fundraising - VACANT
  • Campaigns & Elections - Samantha Schlundt

Regional Directors

  1. Bernie Flinchbaugh
  2. Kory Trout
  3. Jason Querry
  4. Elsbeth Bupp
  5. Kathleen Lucas
  6. Judith Higgins
  7. Steve Musser
  8. Ray Caffey
  9. David Krebs
  10. Janet Winters

At Large Members

  • Archie Palmore

Our 10 Regions

The Democratic Party of York County is divided in to 10 geographic regions to better organize and assist candidates up and down the ballot. Regional Directors over the see this work in each area and their names can be found on this page.