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Dem News

Dem News

In this Together - Rich Sterner for PA Senate

Posted by communications on May 27, 2020 at 11:30 AM

May 25, 2020

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Why are we here today? Is it to sow the seeds of contention and division? Is it to name call and point fingers? What is our purpose?

Let me share what I think our purpose needs to be. We say, “We are in this together.” That is easy to say and it is certainly correct but it doesn’t solve the problems we face nor does it give us direction or resolve. We need to use reason over passion. We need to look at the furthest point down the road.

In a crisis, we must prioritize and triage the difficulties we face. Obviously, healthcare is of primary concern. It’s not about the water that has passed under the bridge, but rather about correcting issues; fixing what is broken, and providing adequate equipment and medical supplies. It’s not about shouting at each other and name-calling. In fact, we should be shouting towards Washington, at Republicans and Democrats alike, to get the necessary things needed to prevent the spread of this awful pandemic.

No matter when Pennsylvania or the counties of Pennsylvania open up ... and they will open up ... safety and security will still be on the minds of consumers, even if their hair is too long or the dog’s nails need clipping. We need to look into how the economy is going to be jigsawed back together.

Realize this, that the only governmental body that can operate at a deficit is the federal government. I am not advocating that deficit spending is a good thing, but in lieu of taxing us to death, which would further destabilize the economy, deficit spending at this point would be the lesser of evils. Just like the Cares Act recently enacted from Washington, more will be needed, which is what the House of Representatives just passed and has sent on to the Senate. But here is a clue! Don’t follow this legislation from a political point of view. Instead, follow the money!

In the meantime, we need to count on each other. We need to be able to say, “I got your back!” Take the necessary steps to do your part in protecting our communities. “You can count on me.” Let’s look at each other in the eye and say “You can count on me!”

Rich Sterner, Candidate for PA Senate District 33

Categories: From Our Candidates, Opinion/Editorials