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Federal Races

United States Senate

John Fetterman

20 years ago, John came to Braddock to start a GED program. He became mayor, and for 13 years worked to build the once-booming steel town back from collapse. As Lieutenant Governor, John has transformed the position into a bully pulpit for criminal justice reform. He has led the fight to free the wrongfully convicted and give second chances to deserving longtime inmates, and championed the cause of legalizing marijuana on a historic tour of all 67 counties.


United States Congress -

10th District

Shamaine Daniels

My family moved to this country when I was 13, to build a better life and to become Americans. My mom was able to give us a good life by working hard.

I worked hard too. I went to college, then law school, and became an attorney fighting for workers’ rights and civil rights.

I was elected to the Harrisburg City Council in 2013, where I led the effort to help small, local businesses open with less red tape and lower fees, fought for affordable housing for families, and invested in youth programs.

I’m running for Congress because the opportunity to build a good life through hard work isn’t available to too many of us, and it should be. Because the sacred right to vote is under attack by people who know they’d never win another election if all of our voices were heard. Because our democracy has enemies, and they need to be stopped.


United States Congress -

11th District

Bob Hollister

As a life-long public servant, Bob views running for Congress as a natural continuation of public service which will use his knowledge, experience, and skills effectively to represent ALL citizens of Congressional District 11. Bob plans to take his reputation for transparency, fiscal stewardship, and compassion to Washington, DC to benefit the citizens of Lancaster and York Counties.