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Local State House and Senate Races

PA Senate - 28th District

Dr. Judith Higgins

For over thirty years, Judith McCormick Higgins EdD has lived in Lower Windsor Township, York County, Pennsylvania. She is a proud Air Force Veteran. She is the wife of fellow Air Force Veteran and current Commercial Pilot Kevin Higgins and the mother of three adult children, Joshua McCormick, Sean Higgins, and Ryan Higgins. She is also the proud grandmother of three grandchildren, Aden, Matthew, and Emma.


PA House - 92nd District

Dan Almoney

Born and raised in York County by working class parents. Dan knows the values and issues that are important to our communities. He is a former small business owner, current softball coach, loving husband and proud dad!


PA House - 93rd District

Chris Rodkey

I grew up in Pennsylvania, went to college in Pennsylvania and deliberately chose to return to Pennsylvania after attending graduate school to work, serve, and raise a family. My ancestors are buried throughout southern York County and I've lived in Dallastown since 2012. I love the history and heritage of this state, having lived in York, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Westmoreland Counties.


PA House - 95th District

Carol Hill-Evans

State Representative Carol Hill-Evans was elected to the state legislature on Nov. 8, 2016, representing the 95th Legislative District in York County. She is a native of York City and graduated from the York City School District before earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Penn State.

Hill-Evans’ prior political experience included nine years of serving on York City council as both vice-president and president. This experience with policy, legislation, and collaboration helps Carol form essential relationships and gives her the ability to work with both parties to help resolve the issues facing the 95th district.


PA House - 169th District

Isaac Riston

"I’m running for state representative for the 169th district, which stretches from Hanover to New Freedom in the southwestern part of York county. I’m 27, a renter, and a floating substitute at South Western School District. I went to Susquehanna University for my bachelor’s in Business Administration and Public Policy. As a young person, I got involved in politics while I was in high school as the first junior council person for Millcreek Township. From there, I had a fellowship in the PA House working in the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, where I was fortunate to get a lot of hands-on experience with policy and the daily ins and outs of state government. These experiences not only make me qualified but instilled in me that an ideal government is people-focused and problem-solving. This led me to run for Hanover Borough Council last year. As I was door-knocking, I talked to an 80-year-old couple, voters for their entire lives, each belonging to a different party, who said that I was the first candidate to knock on their door and ask about their problems. That conversation made me realize that if no one was going to represent the people by talking to them, I would."