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York Dems News

Media Releases from the Democratic Party of York County

DPOYC Calls for Immediate Resignation of Newly Hired Director of Elections

Tuesday, February 16, 2022

YORK, PA - Today the Democratic Party of York County calls on the immediate resignation of Julie Haertsch, the new Director of Elections for York County. Ms. Haertsch, a retiree from the bank and financial sector, shows no demonstrable experience in election law or election procedures. Additionally, Ms. Haertsch is clearly entrenched deeply within the Republican Party as she was the York County Republican Committee’s endorsed candidate in 2019 for Clerk of Courts and she ran prior in 2017 for County Controller.

Ms. Haertsch also has a history of contributing financially to Republican causes locally. In addition to pouring thousands of dollars into the local Republican Party and donating to Scott Wagner’s gubernatorial campaign, Ms. Haertsch contributed directly to Wheeler for PA in 2019, the campaign account for now York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler. This is a clear conflict of interest and Ms. Haertsch’s hiring appears to be a payback by the President Commissioner for said donation.

It is important to note in 2020, two days after the hiring of the then Director of Elections, the Republican Party in York County called for that director’s resignation based on his lack of experience and multiple “left-leaning” social media posts that he made. Republican President Commissioner Julie Wheeler, who has previously shown a lack of unbiased actions in her role, has now hired someone with less election experience and an even more blatant partisan stance in Ms. Haertsch. This level of hypocrisy is astounding.

In addition to calling for the resignation of Ms. Haertsch, the Democratic Party of York County calls for a full investigation of the hiring practices utilized to make this decision. At no point in time was any of the process made transparent. Additionally, measures were taken internally to separate resumes by party and at no point was this process a non-partisan effort.

The Commissioners’ Office will have you believe that Ms. Haertsch was the best candidate for the position, but the fact of the matter is she was the only person to be considered. Other candidates were weeded out or dropped out of consideration because of the toxic nature of the Elections Office, specifically levied by the Republican Party in the County. As a result, this search should have been considered a failed search and a new search begun.

We also call on the Republican Committee of York County to follow through with the precedent they previously established for this position and join us in the call for Ms. Haertsch’s resignation. The standards by which the county GOP held the previous director should be upheld in this case as well.